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Version 9.3

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Release notes


Focus on design improvements, usage and stabilization

  • Improvements and extensions within the configuration of quantity-variables
    • Within the module M.Variety you now have the possibility to select multiple quantity variables with different user input in the variant tree to be able to depict different paths depending on different variables.
    • M.Sales design has been enhanced while configuring quantity variables.
  • Facelift for the navigation panel of M.Variety
  • Multi-tenant solution for M.Customer
  • Splitting of shared placeholder of gallery and info-boxes in M.Customer
    • Thereby the given space can be used better and the overall design is fundamentally improved.
  • Support the goal, of continuous improvements and reduction of complexity in M.Model
    • Further user information will be displayed in the product description files (.suedesc).


New simplifications and adapted functionality

For modelers

  • Rich text format modeling capabilities
    – Rich text editors are now available in M.Model for easy design possibilities of most relevant text blocks in M.Sales and M.Customer
  • Connection of multiple elements at once via drag & drop within ruletrees in M.Model
  • Cut and paste in and between ruletrees
  • Simplified timezone handling
    – limitation to one configurable timezone

For configurator users

  • Remember price type selection in M.Sales
    – Once selected a price type, M.Sales remembers these settings and autofills the price type in further fields.
  • Easier share and save a (part-) configuration or offer via new introduced Merlin-ID
    – Each configuration is linked with one Merlin-ID. The user has now the possibility to use the new “share” button in the menue, to copy the unique generated link to the current (part-) configuration or offer.
  • Development expansion of new M.Variety module
    The variant tree can now

    1. show variables and allow the user to make different inputs and configure different paths with multiple different variables.
    2. Show empty selection node for optional features to give the user the opportunity to configure paths without making a selection for each feature
    3. “Not activates” nodes can be included in the tree to expand paths containing features or attributes which are not activated or might be activated in dependency of a not yet selected feature or attribute

Highlights and Key Functionality of Merlin 9.0

New facelift of Merlin

Experience more productivity with the new simplified and colorful design
and extended design configuration possibilities

Rebrush of M.Model

  • Rebrush of icons
  • Easier on the eye colors and box layout
Further design adjustments in M.Customer
are possible to represent customers design guidelines

  • Customization of the whole colour scheme
  • new image gallery

Significant simplification to increase user guidance

Centralized Property Management

  • Consolidation of setting adjustments in one file
Clean Single Sign On solution
via Shared Log-In Service over all applications
Improved repair method and M.Model extension:

  • new full Contradiction Report
    to reduce analyzing complexity of your rulesets

Improvement and enlargement of basic functionality

New Operators allow more detailed accuracy in your rule definition

Adaption of M.Customer

  • configuration enhancements by supporting new functionality to depict multi modules

Possibility to fetch prices asynchronically while configuring



New Folder Structure for saving quotes


  • We have added the user-defined color settings in M.Customer. The texts and backgrounds in M.Customer can be designed in different colors.
  • We have fixed several bugs in M.Model and made improvements.
  • We have fixed several bugs in M.Sales and made improvements.


  • We have improved the performance of the document generation in M.Doc.
  • We have added a feedback button in M.Sales. With the help of the feedback button you can provide us with feedback in M.Sales.
  • We have completed the usage of the multi modules in M.Customer. Multi modules can be added, edited and deleted like in M.Sales.
  • We have fixed several bugs in M.Model and made improvements.
  • We have fixed several bugs in M.Sales and made improvements.


  • We have improved the performance of the price calculation.
  • We have finished the removes operator. The removes operator hides the attribute located at the right side of the operator in M.Sales. The attribute is removed directly from the configuration and is hidden in M.Sales.
  • We have finished the sets read-only operator. The sets read-only operator prevents the selection of an attribute by the user. The configurator can still change the selection.
  • We made improvements in M.Variety.
  • We have improved the performance in M.Sales by technical restructuring. Refreshing quotes and navigating within the quote overview are considerably faster than before.
  • We have expanded the functions in M.Customer. You can use multi modules in M.Customer.
  • We have fixed several bugs in M.Model and made improvements.
  • We have fixed several bugs in M.Sales and made improvements.