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Version 9.7

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Release notes


(Info) The german release notes and version highlights can be found here.

Extended functionality available in M.Sales Neo

  • Within the current range of functions of M.Sales Neo it is now possible to save quotes and both search in existing quotes as well as loading quotes.
  • The „repair function“ can be applied for existing quotes and quotes can be printed in M.Sales Neo.


M.Model – Changes of product relation operator „Defines (changeable)“

  • The operator „defines (changeable)“ transmitted a value of a parent product  initially to the child product.
  • The logic has been changed, that values in the child product will not only be set initially but also whenever the value of the parent product changes. Even though the value already has been changed in the child product.

Continuous performance improvements in M.Variety

Focus on technical improvements aiming performance enhancements in M.Variety.
Due to these improvements the loading speed especially for huge trees and huge workspaces in M.Variety has been increased considerably.


First version of M.Sales Neo is now available. 

Inspire your customer by a faster and fancier surface.

With M.Sales Neo there is a change in the used technology to Angular. This providethe following advantages:

  • The use of Angular allows the creation of an interactive and fast user interface.
  • It is future proof.
  • An improved and seamless integration to genesisWorld Web or SmartWe.
  • A uniform look & feel and enhanced usage for mobile devices.

M.Sales Neo is the future of M.Sales!

Modifications in M.Sales

  • The user gets detailed information when loading quotes from CRM system.
  • The are changes in the behaviour of multi-modules:
    • Whenever the parent’s value changes, it is set to the child, even though it might have been set to a different value already.

New functionality in M.Variety

  • Date-/time and date-time variables can now be entered by the user via the belonging picker.

Extensions in M.Customer

  • There are branch points on the summary page for easy and fast editing of summarized configuration steps.
  • Further design improvements are available:
    • A new small scrollbar with mouse-over effect is shown to make to focus on configuration content and make the scrollbar itself more inconspicuously.
    • “Dots” are shown as image indicators on the gallery in M.Customer to indicate the amount of images.

Simplifications in M.Model

  • Administrators and modelers now can quick upload a ruleset in M.Model with configurable settings of the client selection.
    • A new dialogue will be shown to choose a client when uploading a ruleset from M.Model. When most time only one client will be used, this can be defined as default and therefore the dialogue can be skipped afterwards.

Highlights and key functionality of Merlin 9.5

With Merlin 9.5, your daily workflows become more intuitive and convenient than ever before.
The new modules M.Variety and M.Customer have been extended by new features and design adaptions.

Modelers and administrators can ease and streamline their work processes with Merlin.

New date operators in M.Model and placeholders in M.Doc

  • Date today
    The operator issues the current date (derived from the time zone selected in the Merlin Settings)
    It issues a date type object. The time is automatically set to 12:00 (noon).
  • extracts
    Reads a certain part of a date/time variable.
  • Date assign
    Assigns a value to a certain part of a date/time variable.
  • Date add
    The operator calculates and adds a value to a date/time variable.
  • Date diff
    The operator calculates and substratcs a value from a date/time variable.

Bundling of Merlin settings

The setup of your workspace becomes easier and more convenient in one central setting file.

  • The settings previously located in the “client configuration” and “SAP import” files can now be found in the new “Merlin settings” file with the “.config” file extension.
  • The settings have been restructured into new categories you can intuitively navigate.


Technology change

Merlin now runs on the application server tomcat instead of wildfly.



Discover the possibilities of new and relaunched features in the M.Variety and M.Customer modules.

New restore configuration dialog in M.Customer

When opening a saved configuration in M.Customer, the server automatically checks whether any changes have been made to the workspace and updates the configuration if necessary.

  • If the workspace has been changed, a dialog opens in M.Customer. The dialog displays the changed data.
  • Even after this dialog has been closed, the configuration can still be changed by the end-user.







Resesign of the summary page for end-users

  • The summary page is the focal page of the M.Customer end-user configuration.
  • All configuration steps are displayed, summarized, and sorted by priority. The page is the starting point for the end-user when reopening a saved configuration.






New overall status traffic light and user input validation in M.Variety  

  • The overall status traffic light indicates the status of the worst path within the built tree.
  • User input is now validated immediately and the defined limits are indicated.




  • Focus on stabilization and improvements of existing functionality.
  • Update to newer Versions of used technologies.


Essential visual improvements of the configurator M.Customer

  • M.Customer gets new functionality with the goal of an improved visual guidance during configuration:
    • Incomplete configurations can be saved. The user will get a link via e-mail to be able to reopen and complete the configuration.
    • A „request offer“ can be called on every configuration formula.
    • The functionalities of saving, changing language and startig a new configuration got a visual rebrush and were placed more present.

Extensions of the functionality within the document printing of M.Doc

  • Within M.Doc new placeholders are created to be able to print further price-options for multi-modules in documents.


Focus on design improvements, usage and stabilization

  • Improvements and extensions within the configuration of quantity-variables
    • Within the module M.Variety you now have the possibility to select multiple quantity variables with different user input in the variant tree to be able to depict different paths depending on different variables.
    • M.Sales design has been enhanced while configuring quantity variables.
  • Facelift for the navigation panel of M.Variety
  • Multi-tenant solution for M.Customer
  • Splitting of shared placeholder of gallery and info-boxes in M.Customer
    • Thereby the given space can be used better and the overall design is fundamentally improved.
  • Support the goal, of continuous improvements and reduction of complexity in M.Model
    • Further user information will be displayed in the product description files (.suedesc).